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The ShadeLoc System is a side-channel assembly that captures the edges of a window-shade band. The zippered shade band glides silently within the side channels, effortlessly eliminating light gaps. It is equipped for solar-shading and room-darkening solutions, or both in one complete system.

ShadeLoc's design minimizes the need for unsightly shade-support hardware such as idler rollers, guide cables, or stabilizing battens. It locks shade bands in place and allows them to stay put despite changes in a room's air pressure or air flow.

Key features:
• Full integration options.
• No light gaps.
• Total room darkening.
• Tall shades that track smoothly.
• Pre-assembled guide and side channels.
• DoubleShade® and multi-band configurations.
• Shade bands that lock into side channels.
• Impact resistance.
• Low future maintenance costs.
• Simplified installation.

Awards include:
• 2013 EXC!TE Award at the CEDIA Expo
• 2013 Gold Nightingale Product Design Award