Motorized Shades
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ElectroShade® System
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Electro®/1 & 2

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System Features: Motorized Multi-Band Operation with Edge Clearances

Motorized shades can be multi-band operation. A single motor can handle up to four shade bands, permitting a single operator to operate the shades—as long as the combined square footage does not exceed 300 sq. ft. This provides lower costs on the motors and hardware, as well as simultaneous alignment of all the shade bands.

Multi-Band Edge Clearances:
16 degree radius center support
45 degree radius center support

Additional Edge Clearance Information:
Electro/1 and 2 Edge Clearances
Electro/1 and 2 Extended Edge Clearances
Electro/1 and 2 Edge Clearance for 5 in. and 10 in. diameter tubes
Electro/3 Edge Clearances

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