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ElectroShade® System for Motorized Shades: Electro®/3

Electro®/3 is ideal for smaller settings that might include conference rooms, offices, cafes and boutiques, hospitals, and residences.

Electro/3 is available in Standard, Pocket, Extended, and DoubleShade® models with a 40mm tubular motor. (RTS not available.) Shades up to 90 in. (229cm) wide by 220 in. (559cm) high are possible with Electro/3 Extended Brackets. Electro/3's smaller size allows it to fit in tighter spaces, subject to maximum roll up diameter. Mecho® manual shades and Electro/3 motorized shades can be mixed under one continuous compact fascia. Electro/3 accepts blackout channels and most MechoShade® accessories.

Binder Cut Sheets:
- Electro/3 Details without Fascia PDF
Binder Cut Sheets:
- Electro/3 Details with Fascia PDF

More Information on Electro/3:
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