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ElectroPocket - WireManagement

Expanding on the MechoSystems line of accessories, our latest pocket includes a raceway to secure wiring and electrical components away from the moving roller shade, significantly saving installation time and improving maintenance while ensuring safe, functional operation for all users.

ElectroPocket also conceals the motorized (or manual) system to enhance interior aesthetics and can be adapted to accommodate most shades’ roll-up diameter. Its modular design allows for changes onsite depending on project requirements. Simple onsite assembly and the nesting of the two extrusions during shipping results in less cardboard and therefore less waste and handling, reducing overall project costs. Specially shaped holders securely grasp various electrical and data components, ensuring easy installation of the system by saving time needed to fasten cables and components to the pocket to keep shades moving unobstructed. Technical and additional details such as custom colors, accessories, and sizes can be found on the sales sheet.

ElectroPocket is the 2017 winner of two Nightingale Awards — a Silver Award and an Innovation Award in Window Shading & Treatments. The Nightingale Awards are presented at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference by Contract and Healthcare Design magazines to products that contribute to healing. To learn more about how MechoSystems solutions improve healthcare design performance, click here.