WhisperShade® I-Con®
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WhisperShade® I-Con® two-way network

The pinnacle of roller-shade design features:
• Intelligent tubular motors with a built-in communication
• Ultra-quiet operation.
• A wide range of torque variations.
• Powerful performance.
• Cost-effective electrical wiring.
• LonWorks®-based built-in communication.
• Flexible control wiring via a free-topology network.
• Accurate mid-window alignment within 1/16 in. (1.6mm),
  made possible through the motor-embedded encoder.

• Set points including full-up, 20%, 40%, 60%,
  80% down, and full-down, or user-defined default   positions.
• An interface designed for building-management systems.
• Seamless integration with the innovative automated
  SolarTrac® or SunDialer™ systems.
• A 10-year non-depreciating warranty.